Choosing the day of the week for booking

The majority of airlines keep to unpublicized rule: booking of tickets on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays costs more expensive than on the same flight but on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Choosing the time of departure

Price for night and morning flights is lower than for day flights. The main reason of such tendency is a huge stream of people, trying to use day flights.

Buying of tickets with discount

Sales and discounts of airlines is an excellent opportunity to save money on tickets because in such a way there is a possibility to buy tickets at a discount of 30-50 %. Such sales promotions are usually held with the aim to land new customers and for ticket sale that were not sold before.

Buying of the roundtrip ticket

In this situation the rule of wholesale purchase works. Booking of roundtrip tickets is considerably cheaper than buying of the same tickets but at different times.

Paying your attention to the dynamics of prices

Booking of tickets online differs greatly from booking in reality. The main difference lies in the fact that the cost of the same tickets may vary. Frequently, depending on the coming date, the prices are lowering on condition that tickets on this flight are bought up badly. If the direction is popular than at the beginning the price is low but on drawing near the date of departure the price can sharply rise.

Choosing of the booking class

The prices for economy, business and first class are substantially different. It is explained by existence or absence of some services. For instance, the tickets of economy class (V-class) cannot be exchanged or returned for a refund without payment of penalty. Buying of such tickets presupposes staying in the country no less than three days and no more than two months. Redemption of such booking should be no later than three days after reservation.

Through flight and stopovers

Transfer and stopover (a kind of transfer which allows staying in a connection country for more than 24 hours) allows saving money on booking and buying of the tickets.

Looking for low cost flights

In some directions air line companies offer low-cost flights – cheap flights limited in the quantity of services (absence of the opportunity to change the date of flight, the amount of baggage, meals on board and so on).